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Alphonse De Montfroyd

Олексій Пилипенко, Олег Михайлюта


Thomas Lynge, Tommy P. Gregersen


Marcus Schmickler

Kevin Blechdom

Kristin Erickson

Also known as Kevin, Kevin bLechdom, Kevy B, KevyB, Kristin Blechdom
Leafcutter John

John Burton

Ken Ishii

Ken Ishii

Also known as ケン イシイ, K. Ishii, K.Ishii, Ken Ishi, Kenishi
Isolationist, The

Isolationist, The

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream

Also known as T. Dream, T. Drem, Tabgerine Dreams, Tangerine Dreame, TD
Human League, The

Philip Oakey, Martyn Ware, Ian Craig Marsh, Phillip Adrian Wright, Joanne Catherall, Susanne Sulley, Jo Callis, Ian Burden, Dave Allen, Ken Ansell

Also known as Human 2002, Human League, Human League (La Liga Humana), The, HVΛΛΛN LEΛGUE, La Liga Humana, League, The

Julius Waters & Mark Blackburn

Also known as Kenobi, Rob D
max 404

Erwin van Moll

Also known as Mad Maxx, MAX404
Goran Besov

Goran Besov


Michael Robert Paradinas

Also known as µ-Zic, µ-Zig, M-Ziq, Mu-Ziq, Musiq, Muziq, u-ziq, u_ziq

Yvonne Cornelius

Canibal A:fraux

Ed Matus & Miguel Del Castillo


Michel Banabila

Also known as M. Banabila, Michel Banabila


Son Of Clay

Andreas Bertilsson

No Source One

No Source One


Henrik Johansson

Lost Weight

Lost Weight


Frédéric Magnon

Also known as Fred Avril, R. P. Avril O. P.
Nocturnal Emissions

Nigel Ayers

Also known as N.E., Nocturnal Emission, Nocturnal Emissions 07, Nocturnal Emissions Skeletal Crew, Nocturnal Emissions, The

Matthias Klein


Sohail Azad

Tobias Schmidt

Toby David Smith

Also known as Schmidt, Schmidt, Tobias, T. Schmidt, T.Schmidt, Tobias D Schmidt, Tobias D. Schmidt, Tobias Schmidt [SES], Tobias.D.Schmidt, Toby David Smith, Toby Smith

Michael Zorn

Also known as M Z, M. Zorn, M.Z., Michael Zorn
General Magic

General Magic


Anthony Child

Also known as DJ Surgeon, Surgeon, The

Peter Rehberg

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