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Laurent Chambert

Spiritual Warriors

Northampton Wools

Mathew Ballamy, Chris Wolstenholme, Dominic Howard

Brandi Shearer

Colin MacLeod, Murdo MacKenzie, Postie Dave

Steve Patrik Josefsson Fragogiannis

Also known as Angello, Angello Steve, Angello, Steve, Angelo, Dirty Angello, S. A., S. Angello, S.A, S.A., Steve, Steve Agnello

Amy Wadge

Jakob Okkenhaug

Coffee & Cigarettes Band

Ben Fraser

Also known as B. Fraser, Ben Frazer, Big Ben


My Morning Jacket

Philip Scheffner

Jane Doe (2)

Matt Harding

Mark Joseph


Jeremy Howard

Cardboard Sax


Dear Eskiimo

Nat Rabb

Satellite Beach


Also known as Rox, Roxett, Roxette, The


Next To Nothing

Rubber O Cement

Also known as Rubber (O) Cement, Rubber((o))Cement


All Time Low

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