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Los Beta

Also known as Beta Quartet, Los Beta Quartet

Shawn James Seymour, Yoshimi Seymour

Kim Boyce

Rita MacNeil

Also known as R. MacNeil, R. McNeil, Rita, Rita McNeil

Sonja Richter

Quarteto 1111

Νίκος Χουλιαράς

Also known as Ν. Χουλιαράς, Nikos Houliaras

Νικολέττα Τσάπρα (Nikoletta Tsapra)

Also known as Arleta, Arletta, Α. Τσάπρα, Αρλέττα, Αρλέτα Τσάπρα

Zorica Andrijašević

Also known as Donna, Z. Andrijašević, Zorica Andrijašević Dona, Zorica Andrijašević Donna

Sonja Mitrović

Also known as Hani, Hanny, Hany, S. M. Hani, S. Mitrović Hani, S. Mitrović-Hani, Sonja, Sonja Hani, Sonja M. Hani, Sonja Mitrović, Sonja Mitrović - Hani

Sara Hodedatov (שרה חודדטוב)

Also known as Sharit Hadad, שרית, שרית חדד, שרית חדד / Sarit Hadad

Tim Weiss

Laura Illeborg

Also known as Illeborg, Laura

Timo Maas

Also known as DJ Timo Maas, Maas, Maas, Timo, Mass, T. Maas, T. Mass, T.Maas, Timmo Mass, Timo, Timo Mars, Timo Mas

Krunoslav Cigoj

Alfredo Rizzo

Also known as A. Rizzi, A. Rizzo, A.Rizzo, Rizzo

Paola Turci

Also known as Паола Турчи, P. Turci, P.Turci, Turci

Colbie Marie Caillat

Also known as C. Caillat, Caillat, Colbie Cailat

Andy Bey And The Bey Sisters

Also known as Andy & The Bey Sisters, Andy And The Bey Sisters, Andy Bey & The Bey Sisters

Anita Dobson

Also known as Dobson, Simon May Orchestra, The

Ronald Leslie Burns

Also known as Burns, Ron Burns, Ronnie, Ronnie Burns and the Kinderplay Rockettes

Timon Murray

Buster Watson

Stuart McMillan, Orde Meikle

Also known as S L A M, Sl@m, SLAM, Slam!

Ingrid Vranovičová

Lisa Shane

Boyz II Men

Also known as Boy's To Men, Boys 2 Men, Boys II Man, Boys II Men, Boys To Men, Boyz 11 Men, Boyz 2 Men, Boyz II Man, Boyz To Men, BoyzIIMen

Rino Luigi Sentieri

Also known as J. Sentieri, Jo Sentieri, R. Sentieri, Sentieri

Corvus Corax

Paul Boey

Also known as P. Boey, Paul Boeij, Pol Boey
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