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Roy Frederick Budd

Also known as Budd, R. Budd, R.Budd, Rod Budd, Roy Frederick Budd

Oliver Nelson

Also known as Nelson, O. Nelson, O.Nelson, Oliver, Oliver E. Nelson, Oliver Edward Nelson, Olivier Nelson, S. Nelson

Wayne Henderson & Next Crusade

Craig T. Cooper

Also known as C. Cooper, C. T. Cooper, C.Cooper, Cooper, Craig, Craig Cooper, Craig Cooper (The Cat), Craig T Cooper, Craig T. ("Mm - Hmm") Cooper, Craig T. Cooper Sr., Craig T. Cooper, Sr.

Gentle Kick

Italo Boys

Benjamin Samson, Isa Garcia, Pieter Sperling


Philip David Charles Collins

Also known as フィル・コリンズ, Colins, Collins, Collins, Phil, Collins/Charles, F. Collins, Fhill Collins, Me, P C, P Collins, P. C.

O.R.O. (2)



Natascia Maimone

Also known as N. King, Natacha Fing, Natascha King, Natasha

Silver (23)

Rock Fuji

Solitary Sinners

Martinez (9)

Blectum From Blechdom

Matthias Korr

Rita MacNeil

Also known as R. MacNeil, R. McNeil, Rita, Rita McNeil

Dwayne Sodahberk

Also known as D. Sodahberk, DS, Dwayne Sodaberk

Wolly, The

Rasmus Seebach

Also known as R. Seebach, Rasmus, Seebach

Kristin Erickson

Also known as Kevin, Kevin bLechdom, Kevy B, KevyB, Kristin Blechdom

Steve Ferrari, Craig Four Two

Ryan Lee West

Sascha Schierloh

Richard Barron Steffen

Also known as B. Steffen, Barron, Michael & Baron


Rose McDowall & Jill Bryson

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