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Nocturnal Emissions

Nigel Ayers

Also known as N.E., Nocturnal Emission, Nocturnal Emissions 07, Nocturnal Emissions Skeletal Crew, Nocturnal Emissions, The
Also there are more session musicians of Nocturnal Emissions: Caroline K, Nigel Ayers
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# Cover Release title Total tracks Download mp3 album Release date Label fo release
1 Nocturnal Emissions - Omphalos! Omphalos! 9 mp3 1998-01-01 Soleilmoon Recordings
2 Nocturnal Emissions - Sunspot Activity Sunspot Activity 14 mp3 1997-08-01 Soleilmoon Recordings
3 The Fight Goes On 5 mp3 1984
4 Friction And Dirt 21 mp3 1996 Staalplaat
5 Nocturnal Emissions - Binary Tribe Binary Tribe 8 mp3 1994 Staalplaat
6 Nocturnal Emissions - Invocation Of The Beast Gods Invocation Of The Beast Gods 10 mp3 1989 Staalplaat
7 Nocturnal Emissions - Glossalalia Glossalalia 3 mp3 1994 Soleilmoon Recordings
8 Drowning In A Sea Of Bliss 2 mp3 1992 Touch
9 Autonomia - The Portland Album 7 mp3 1996
10 Nocturnal Emissions - The World Is My Womb The World Is My Womb 10 mp3 1999 Soleilmoon Recordings
11 Nocturnal Emissions - Futurist Antiquarianism Futurist Antiquarianism 12 mp3 2000 Soleilmoon Recordings
12 Nocturnal Emissions - Energy Exchange Energy Exchange 10 mp3 2000 Klanggalerie
13 Nocturnal Emissions - Dyskinesia Dyskinesia 12 mp3 1983 Sterile Records
14 Nocturnal Emissions - Fruiting Body Fruiting Body 15 mp3 1981 Sterile Records
15 Nocturnal Emissions - Drowning In A Sea Of Bliss Drowning In A Sea Of Bliss 18 mp3 1983 Sterile Records
16 Nocturnal Emissions - Whisky 23.5.82 Whisky 23.5.82 3 mp3 1982 Sterile Records
17 Nocturnal Emissions - Befehlsnotstand Befehlsnotstand 10 mp3 1983 Sterile Records
18 Nocturnal Emissions - ICA London 9th August 1985 ICA London 9th August 1985 20 mp3 1985 Sterile Records
19 Nocturnal Emissions - Deathday Deathday 3 mp3 1981 Sterile Records
20 Nocturnal Emissions - Shake Those Chains Rattle Those Cages Shake Those Chains Rattle Those Cages 9 mp3 1985 Sterile Records
21 Nocturnal Emissions - Tissue Of Lies Tissue Of Lies 8 mp3 1980 Sterile Records
22 Nocturnal Emissions - Songs Of Love And Revolution Songs Of Love And Revolution 9 mp3 1985 Sterile Records
23 Nocturnal Emissions - No Sacrifice / Uprising No Sacrifice / Uprising 2 mp3 1984 Sterile Records
24 Nocturnal Emissions - Songs Of Love & Revolution Songs Of Love & Revolution 11 mp3 1992 Dark Vinyl Records
25 Magnetized Light 13 mp3 1993
26 Nocturnal Emissions - Tissue Of Lies - Revised Tissue Of Lies - Revised 10 mp3 1990 Dark Vinyl Records
27 Nocturnal Emissions - Stoneface Stoneface 23 mp3 1989 Parade Amoureuse
28 Cathedral 5 mp3 1991 Musica Maxima Magnetica
29 Nocturnal Emissions - Viral Shedding Viral Shedding 7 mp3 1992 Dark Vinyl Records
30 Nocturnal Emissions - Electropunk Karaoke Electropunk Karaoke 7 mp3 2000 Earthly Delights
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Nocturnal Emissions is a sound art project that has released numerous records and CDs in music styles ranging from electro-acoustic, musique concrete, hybridised beats, sound collage, post-industrial music, ambient and noise music. The sound art has been part of an ongoing multimedia campaign of guerrilla sign ontology utilising video art, film, hypertext and other documents.

From early in their work, the group concentrated on the axiom of music being a form of social control, and highlighted concepts such as information overload, cult conditioning, brainwashing and subliminal advertising, in a critique of information society. Their music drew heavily on worldwide folk traditions as well as that of the international avant-garde.

The project was initiated in London in or around 1980 by [a=Nigel Ayers] together with collaborators [a502909] and [a=Caroline K]. Numerous other members have come & gone. Now based in Cornwall, on a nodal point on the Mary-Michael Ley, the mission continues in some kind of polytantric union with the multiple personalities of one "solo" member and a cast of thousands.

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