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K.K. Null

Kazuyuki Kishino

Also known as K K Null, K. K. Null, K.K Null, K.K.N., K.K.Null, Kazayuki K Null, Kazuyuki .K. Null, Kazuyuki K Null, Kazuyuki K. Null, Kazuyuki K.Null, Kazuyuki Kishino (KK NULL), Kazuyuki Kishino Null, Kazuyuki Null, Kazuyuki·K·NULL, Kazuyuni K. Null, KK, KK Null, KK. Null, KK.Null, KKNull, Null, Null (Kazuyuki Kishino)
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# Cover Release title Total tracks Download mp3 album Release date Label fo release
1 K.K. Null - A Split Release A Split Release 13 K.K. Null - A Split Release mp3 2000-11-00 Crionic Mind
2 K.K. Null - Deus Irae Deus Irae 3 K.K. Null - Deus Irae mp3 1993 Nux Organization
3 K.K. Null - Aurora Remixes Aurora Remixes 6 K.K. Null - Aurora Remixes mp3 1996 Rawkus Primitive
4 K.K. Null - Aurora Aurora 10 K.K. Null - Aurora mp3 1994-00-00 Sentrax
5 K.K. Null - Nullsonic Nullsonic 20 K.K. Null - Nullsonic mp3 1998 Vinyl Communications
6 K.K. Null - Invisible Fire / Mad Water Invisible Fire / Mad Water 2 K.K. Null - Invisible Fire / Mad Water mp3 2000-08-00 Syntactic
7 K.K. Null - ERG Per Galaxy ERG Per Galaxy 10 K.K. Null - ERG Per Galaxy mp3 2002-06-15 Opposite Records
8 K.K. Null - The Passing / Iceberg The Passing / Iceberg 2 K.K. Null - The Passing / Iceberg mp3 1994 Alley Sweeper
9 K.K. Null - Echoed Currents / Shooting Star Crash Echoed Currents / Shooting Star Crash 2 K.K. Null - Echoed Currents / Shooting Star Crash mp3 1994 Alley Sweeper
10 K.K. Null - Peak Of Nothingness Peak Of Nothingness 13 K.K. Null - Peak Of Nothingness mp3 2000-12-00 Hushush
11 K.K. Null - Heavy Water Heavy Water 2 K.K. Null - Heavy Water mp3 1993 Fourth Dimension Records
12 K.K. Null - Cryonics Cryonics 3 K.K. Null - Cryonics mp3 1994 Table Of The Elements
13 K.K. Null - GeV GeV 17 K.K. Null - GeV mp3 1999 Staalplaat
14 K.K. Null - Interstellar Chemistry Interstellar Chemistry 12 K.K. Null - Interstellar Chemistry mp3 2002 Beta-lactam Ring Records
15 K.K. Null - Terminal Beach Terminal Beach 5 K.K. Null - Terminal Beach mp3 1996 Manifold Records
16 K.K. Null - Inorganic Orgasm Inorganic Orgasm 7 K.K. Null - Inorganic Orgasm mp3 1998 Manifold Records
17 K.K. Null - Ultimate Material III Ultimate Material III 2 K.K. Null - Ultimate Material III mp3 1995 Manifold Records
18 K.K. Null - Split Split 3 K.K. Null - Split mp3 2001 Torture Music Records
19 K.K. Null - Japan 2000 Japan 2000 6 K.K. Null - Japan 2000 mp3 2000 RRRecords
20 K.K. Null - Aurora Aurora 11 K.K. Null - Aurora mp3 1996 Rawkus
21 K.K. Null - Discoteca Plasma Discoteca Plasma 12 K.K. Null - Discoteca Plasma mp3 2000 Mindfield Records
22 K.K. Null - Kosmik Engine Kosmik Engine 13 K.K. Null - Kosmik Engine mp3 2002
23 K.K. Null - Atomik Disorder Atomik Disorder 10 K.K. Null - Atomik Disorder mp3 2003 Neurot Recordings
24 K.K. Null - Terminal Hz Terminal Hz 5 K.K. Null - Terminal Hz mp3 2000-09-00 Ground Fault Recordings
25 K.K. Null - Freedom And Solitude Freedom And Solitude 4 K.K. Null - Freedom And Solitude mp3 2000 Sin Organisation
26 K.K. Null - Flying Serpent Flying Serpent 3 K.K. Null - Flying Serpent mp3 1994 Fourth Dimension Records
27 K.K. Null - Xenoglossia Xenoglossia 13 K.K. Null - Xenoglossia mp3 2003 Insofar Vapor Bulk
28 K.K. Null - Prime Radiant Prime Radiant 11 K.K. Null - Prime Radiant mp3 2005-03-01 Blossoming Noise
29 K.K. Null - New Kind Of Water New Kind Of Water 7 K.K. Null - New Kind Of Water mp3 1992 Charnel Music
30 K.K. Null - Anima Motrix Anima Motrix 12 K.K. Null - Anima Motrix mp3 2005 Dot Dot Dot Music
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KK.Null (born Kazuyuki Kishino) is one of the top names in Japanese noise music and in a larger context, one of the great cult artists in experimental rock. Starting his career in the early 80's by performing guitar improvisations in the clubs and streets of Tokyo, he continued by collaborating with [a=Merzbow] for two years, and joining the bands [a=YBO²] and [a=Absolut Null Punkt].

In 1987, he gained wider notoriety as the leader, guitarist and singer of the trio [a=Zeni Geva], which he described as "progressive hardcore". Zeni Geva reached world-wide fame with their heavy and hypnotic sound, eventually releasing three [a=Steve Albini]-produced albums on Jello Biafra's [l=Alternative Tentacles] label.

After playing the guitar as his main instrument for some twenty years, Null has gradually moved towards a more electronic approach. These days he mostly states the "nullsonic" as his primary instrument. Nullsonic is something of a variation of [a=Robert Fripp]'s 1970's instrument "frippertronics" - a combination of electric guitar and effects units, which elevated the effects to equal importance alongside the guitar. Null has gone even further by discarding the guitar altogether and making all the sounds with effects only.

In recent years, he has concentrated his efforts increasingly on his solo material.

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