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Dreagan Luna Crivassan

Also known as Dreagann
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# Cover Release title Total tracks Download mp3 album Release date Label fo release
1 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Vertebrae Vertebrae 5 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Vertebrae mp3 2008-01-00 Sarutra's Music
2 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Spb28686 Spb28686 5 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Spb28686 mp3 2008-03-00 Sarutra's Music
3 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Opus Ill Temper Opus Ill Temper 4 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Opus Ill Temper mp3 2008-03-23 Sarutra's Music
4 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Veterinarian No More Veterinarian No More 7 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Veterinarian No More mp3 2008 Cantankerous Records
5 ___dREàgänN|||||| - The Uvtopobos Djinn The Uvtopobos Djinn 2 ___dREàgänN|||||| - The Uvtopobos Djinn mp3 2008-11-19 Sub Rec
6 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Loliphilia Loliphilia 9 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Loliphilia mp3 2008-07-09 Sarutra's Music
7 ___dREàgänN|||||| - The Great White Snail The Great White Snail 5 ___dREàgänN|||||| - The Great White Snail mp3 2008-07-10 Sarutra's Music
8 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Spring Mechanical Bird Spring Mechanical Bird 7 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Spring Mechanical Bird mp3 2008-04-16 Sarutra's Music
9 ___dREàgänN|||||| - To Saruta! To Saruta! 7 ___dREàgänN|||||| - To Saruta! mp3 2008-07-23 Sarutra's Music
10 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Tree Splitting Sword Tree Splitting Sword 5 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Tree Splitting Sword mp3 2008-10-06 Sarutra's Music
11 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Dummy Plug Dummy Plug 9 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Dummy Plug mp3 2008-07-29 Sarutra's Music
12 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Biomechanoid In The Forest Biomechanoid In The Forest 6 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Biomechanoid In The Forest mp3 2008-12-10 Sarutra's Music
13 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Eviltricity Eviltricity 4 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Eviltricity mp3 2009-02-22 Sarutra's Music
14 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Transgenic Contamination Transgenic Contamination 5 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Transgenic Contamination mp3 2009-06-18 Smell The Stench
15 ___dREàgänN|||||| - So Seal Ice So Seal Ice 4 ___dREàgänN|||||| - So Seal Ice mp3 2009 Cantankerous Records
16 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Cat Split Dedicated To Louis Wayne Cat Split Dedicated To Louis Wayne 7 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Cat Split Dedicated To Louis Wayne mp3 2009 Bronekot
17 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Music For A Winged Man Music For A Winged Man 6 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Music For A Winged Man mp3 2010-03-31 Sarutra's Music
18 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Reincarnation Reincarnation 16 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Reincarnation mp3 2010-08-25 Sarutra's Music
19 ___dREàgänN|||||| - The Sound Of A Weeping Willow In The Wind The Sound Of A Weeping Willow In The Wind 3 ___dREàgänN|||||| - The Sound Of A Weeping Willow In The Wind mp3 2010-10-10 Circumanalis Records
20 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Waxine Waxine 15 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Waxine mp3 2011-11-14 Toxic Industries
21 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Dark. Dark. 7 ___dREàgänN|||||| - Dark. mp3 2012-01-01 I Had An Accident Records
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A Sarutan (planet from another dimension) noise/ambient artist.

Being the rhythm guitar player for Anak Krakatoa and for the now disbanded 010054, ___dREàgänN|||||| wanted to create the complete opposite of what he does in his band. No rhythm, no structure, no composition, no song.

He started working on his first earthly noise song, the never released ‘Mantra Whistle’, in December 2007. His earthly debut album, Vertebrae, was released a month later. Following the postive reception of Vertebrae, he started working on a sophomore album, which he released in the March 2008.

His instruments include his guitar, his voice, his band mates and anything that creates a sound or noise he can record, whether it be sounds found in the outside world or sounds created using everyday stuff or garbage.

___dREàgänN||||||’s release rate is quite fast, which isn’t abnormal for the noise-genre. Most of the albums are quite experimental and dissimilar to his previous releases. Recently he has been venturing into new territories, most notably lolicore.

In November 2008, he started up a label called Sarutra's Music, for a more convenient way of self-releaseing albums.

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