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Also known as wAgAwAgA
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# Cover Release title Total tracks Download mp3 album Release date Label fo release
1 Wagawaga - Goodbye Greens EP Goodbye Greens EP 3 Wagawaga - Goodbye Greens EP mp3 2008-11-03 Immigrant Recordings
2 Wagawaga - Goodbye Greens EP Goodbye Greens EP 3 Wagawaga - Goodbye Greens EP mp3 2008-11-00 Immigrant Recordings
3 Wagawaga - Mrepsican Mrepsican 11 Wagawaga - Mrepsican mp3 2008-12-00 Acroplane Recordings
4 Wagawaga - ph-3.5.6 ph-3.5.6 10 Wagawaga - ph-3.5.6 mp3 2010-04-05 Acroplane Recordings
5 Wagawaga - Hyper Typewriter Hyper Typewriter 13 Wagawaga - Hyper Typewriter mp3 2011-02-28 Acroplane Recordings
6 Wagawaga - Midnight Sampler Midnight Sampler 10 Wagawaga - Midnight Sampler mp3 2012-02-13 Record Label Records
7 Wagawaga - Uttarkasha Uttarkasha 10 Wagawaga - Uttarkasha mp3 2013-03-10
8 Wagawaga - Mrepsican Re-Mastered Mrepsican Re-Mastered 12 Wagawaga - Mrepsican Re-Mastered mp3 2010-08-10 Acroplane Recordings
9 Wagawaga - pAagalkhAana pAagalkhAana 8 Wagawaga - pAagalkhAana mp3 2013-12-13 Cooking Up Records
10 Wagawaga - Lunar Orbiter Lunar Orbiter 11 Wagawaga - Lunar Orbiter mp3 2013-01-27 Cooking Up Records
11 Wagawaga - Pina KalaEiDa Pina KalaEiDa 13 Wagawaga - Pina KalaEiDa mp3 2012-11-18 Cooking Up Records
12 Wagawaga - Phrikitiki Phrikitiki 13 Wagawaga - Phrikitiki mp3 2012-12-12 Cooking Up Records
13 Wagawaga - Blue Moon Sundae Blue Moon Sundae 8 Wagawaga - Blue Moon Sundae mp3 2012-10-11 Cooking Up Records
14 Wagawaga - chops n wobbles chops n wobbles 5 Wagawaga - chops n wobbles mp3 2012-10-19 Self released
15 Wagawaga - Earthshake Earthshake 3 Wagawaga - Earthshake mp3 2011-05-01 Full Melt Recordings
16 Wagawaga - Less Hectic Less Hectic 11 Wagawaga - Less Hectic mp3 2010-10-01 Self Released
17 Wagawaga - Uttarakasha Uttarakasha 10 Wagawaga - Uttarakasha mp3 2013-03-10 Cooking Up Records
18 Wagawaga - Green Dubs Green Dubs 4 Wagawaga - Green Dubs mp3 2014-05-24 Slurp Records
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"wAgAwAgA is experimenting with sound synthesizers, audio manipulation, live drums and instrumentation. styles ranging from dub, jungle, jazz, triphop, electronica.

elements of eastern music and natural sounds find there way in also."

"Grown in a lab in the depths of Hertfordshire. Big into dubstep and disinformation. Wonders often if there’s a difference between misinformation and disinformation. Incredibly lazy but prone to bouts of genius.

wAgAwAgA is essentially one man’s attempt to brain up the dubstep scene, taking on a broader set of influences than most(from Duke Ellington to Radiohead to Chris Morris to bedrooms) and twisting them into new and interesting shapes. Featured on Mary-Anne Hobbs in 2008 after a single release on Immigrant Recordings. Bits and pieces are slowly emerging on different formats, and eventually he’ll pull his finger out, get on the scene and start making a difference."

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